March 8, 2021 Announcements

Leeds Families Grow Together Event: March 20th

The 1st day of Spring is March 20th and to celebrate we are having a family reading event. Your child(ren) will be bringing the seeds, the oldest/only students will bring home their device and a book on Friday, March 19th for your family to participate.

Please join the Leeds staff story reading on Sunday, March 21st. Starting at 10:00 you can access the story on Seesaw or the Leeds Facebook page. You will also be able to access a video by the Dorothy Pecaut Nature Center. All of Leeds families sharing the love of reading.

  1. Enjoy the story “The Tiny Seed” by Eric Carle.
  2. Plant your flower seed cups together and through the weeks watch it bloom.
  3. Celebrate reading time and read your new book. If you have children in different grades, you may read with them.
  4. Make room for others or involve distant family and friends. Books can be read aloud over FaceTime, Skype or Zoom. Record your child reading their favorite book and send the video to loved ones.